So a lot of things have happened since the last post…

That’s as good as it gets as a header, and more true than any other. Indeed, a lot of things have happened since the last post. So many, that I had to go back and re-read the last post to even see what was going on then.

July and August were busy with Pennsic Prep. My goal was to do a late 16th century Pennsic: re-work my stays, petticoats, skirts, and doublet jacket. (This didn’t quite pan out for the entirety of the event and I’m thankful that I threw in a couple of Norse underdresses and HE Mistress Gwen threw in some extra clothes which I borrowed.) Initially the goal was a couple of petticoat bodies, but after several mock ups – I just couldn’t get it right, and I need to do some more work on the fitting at a later time. The stays did get re-worked, and felt great when I tried them on at home. Unfortunately, at Pennsic, the stays didn’t work at all for an extended time. The pattern they are based off of is similar to the stays seen in the portrait of Elizabeth Vernon. Once the stays were brought up to my actual waist line and altered to a more period fit, they hit me at a trouble spot I have across my back which in turn caused me to subconsciously try to inch away from that area; that then caused me to tilt my pelvis in a funny way to ‘rest’ on the front of the stays that had bowed out in the front (there was no stiffened busk) and additional less that fantastic back issues occurred. As it turned out they were also too loose. Once when I laid down to try to get the pressure off my back, I found that I could stretch and nearly move my stays around several inches – that explained why things weren’t feeling all that supported…. So let this be a cautionary tale of corset fitting and the extensive road testing of a pair of stays before you take it to an event – a couple of hours around the house doesn’t cut it. Due to my weird body shape, I’m going to be trying the effigy stays next with the hope that the length that goes over the hips will work better. ——————-But enough about corsets. The skirts and petticoats over the roll worked marvelously. I had my own personal arm rests – it was awesome.

Along with clothing prep for Pennsic, there was also food prep for Pennsic. I had volunteered to run the Calontir Pennsic Party with the theme of Norse foods in honor of Their Majesties. So that meant lots of cheese making, yogurt making, pickling, and baking. More about that later.

Attended events were scarce between Lilies and Pennsic, Lilies took a lot out of me and I’m realizing I’m not the nineteen year old that did living history tours in full mid-19th century for the NPS in 100 degree Ozark summers like I used to – I just can’t do heat anymore. Which is also impacting what I’m planning for clothing for hopefully next Lilies, but that’s another blog post. I was able to make it up to Coronation in the Barony of Coeur d’Ennui, and had a lovely time catching up with everyone. To my utter shock, I received a Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction for upholding the Ideals of the Society from HRM Elena before stepping down.

Then Pennsic arrived. It was an experience. I had a lovely time. It did not feel cooler than Lilies – even though it was. Wow, the people, but also wow, the infrastructure and organization (yes, I’m the daughter and granddaughter of engineers). I’m so thankful that HE Mistress Catalina put up with my exuberance with getting to help 4th Company and aid the waterbearers on the first and last days of battle at Pennsic. We were honored with an invitation to attend both the Boast and Brag at TrothHeim, which was an amazing medieval moment. We also had fantastic neighbors throughout the war, and much hanging out time was accomplished.

I also had a total fan girl moment(s) when I got to see the Attack Laurel. It was a bit like a celebrity sighting, not going to lie. One time, she even smiled a bit at me – I’m pretty sure she was being polite since the grin I had on my face was of someone who wasn’t all there. In retrospect, kind of embarrassing. But I saw her!

The Pennsic Party went extremely well. (We will casually forget about the unfortunate smock that decided to finally die a very visible dry-rot death of tearing between my shoulders and down my back all night.) I had marvelous food donations of delicious baked goods, lovely nut and dried fruit nibbles, as well as some really fantastic skyr. I’m so very thankful for everyone who donated things to the party, as well as my amazing volunteers who helped during set up, tending the tables, and during clean up. There is no way I could have done this thing without you all. To top it all off, Wolgemut came by the party and played a set or two. It was amazing. Really amazing.

But rewind about three hours, Calontir Pennsic Court. Thank heavens I made the good life choice to change from my gross wine and food stained food prep tunic into something decent and 16th century-ish. Before court, I was given the super secret job of standing at the back of court, waiting for the secret eyebrow raise and nod to motion a group from TrothHeim into court, where they would then start some super secret surprise. So that was fun, the super secret surprise ended up being an elevation for Sir Halvgrimmr to the Order of the Laurel for Norse studies – which was super cool. And then they did a call for fealty, which my Laurel Fionnuala went up to since this was her first event this reign. And then she stayed up there. Huh? Well her and TRM have known each other a long time, maybe she is doing some business about the upcoming event her group is having. Context, I’m on the far side of court under the shade-fly where party prep was happening, which means that I can only hear people when they are projecting well or shouting – I can’t hear anything she is talking about. People are looking at me, I catch something about baby bird leaving the nest. TRM say something. I’m really confused, it hits me, I start a blend of hyperventilating and ugly crying; I’m frozen. Thank goodness for Kate, I somehow make it up to the thrones, kneel, a hanky is thrown my way, reassuring pats on my back, TRM being incredibly kind and understanding to someone who is now shaking and exhibiting the early signs of shock. There are hugs, I’m thankfully herded out of court, more hugs. Then the party. It really didn’t sink in until the next day. I was afraid it had all been a mistake, or a really big joke. Or one of those super realistic dreams…. But it wasn’t, and my vigil and elevation to the Order of the Laurel are happening at Kris Kinder.



Here I am attempting to make it into court, a sobbing mess. Photo courtesy of Charles of Westermark.





Their Royal Majesties Logan and Ylva being very kind and understanding to someone only capable of communicating in shaky nods and blubbery gasps. Photo courtesy of Charles of Westermark.


Needless to say, since then things have been super busy and will continue to be busy with all of the things that need to be done -both SCA and non-SCA things. This autumn brings some very necessary home improvement projects as well as some family things that require me to stay close to home. What I’m getting at, is that I’m pretty bummed that my event schedule is looking bleak until Toys for Tots, and then Kris Kinder after that. Hopefully things will calm down after the holidays and normality will resume.