An Introduction…

Hello! Welcome to Of Diverse Fashions, a blog where I hope to catalog a few of the many projects I find myself involved in. What projects you ask? Fun projects, historical projects, face-palm worthy – head to desk – frustratingly hair pulling out projects, yes, those too! Why, oh why?

I’ve been interested in making things all my life; and, for at least half of it I’ve sought to study and recreate the material culture of the past. With an MA in History focusing primarily on a mix of gender and social history with a good dose of the study of material culture thrown in, I have gravitated to the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA for short) where I can exercise in experimental archeology in a vast range of times and places. Hopefully, I’ll keep things up to date here. Project posts will feature historical documentation and there will be handouts on the various classes I teach added at some point as well.

Want to share something you see? Fantastic! All I ask is that cite my blog as the source. Don’t violate rule number one and plagiarize.

Thank you and enjoy the blog, Sibilla Swaine